About Us

The Pointe PAC was established in August of 2000!  We pride ourselves on building young artists!  The studio is recognized for our outstanding dancers in many different arenas.  We have students who have gone on to dance professionally in Modern/Contemporary dance companies, danced professionally for the NBA, gotten into dance collegiate programs like the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University, The University of Miami, AMDA in Los Angeles, and MaryMount Manhattan, just to name a few....Our dancers hold many titles, Miss Dance of Oklahoma (3), Petite & Junior Miss Dance of Oklahoma (3), Petite Miss Dance of America, 2019 Junior Female Dancer of the Year!

We have students who are recognized nationally for their talents.  Keagan Capps is a contestant on World of Dance Season 4 in 2020! She is the 2019 Junior Female Dancer of the Year for Break the Floor/The Dance Awards! Keagan was formerly Miss Petite Dance of America 2017.  


Finley Aldridge was named to the top 10 2019  Mini Female Dancers, and Sydney Orr was named to the top 20 2019 Teen Female Dancers for Break the Floor!  


Marli Scott is a member of the prestigious "Tremaine Team" and assists across the country at their conventions.


We have students who compete in ballet at YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix) and are qualified as national finalists in Contemporary and Ballet! 

Keagan Capps models for Second Skin Costumes out of Phoenix.  Sydney Orr and Cassandra Cavazos model for Weissmans.  Meya Davis models for Black & Pink and Sommerfield Collection. Abigail Yaffe is also a Sommerfield Collection Ambassador.   Anna Holley also models and represents Black & Pink.  Beth Windes is a La Bella ambassador.  These girls were sought out by these companies for their talent and their beauty!

Our Mini Company Jazz group were finalists for The Dance Awards dance-off along with our Junior Company Lyrical!  Both received recognition in the Finals and received 2nd runner up!

Our Company dancers are known for their impeccable technique, artistry, and professionalism.  We pride ourselves on training an all-around solid dancer.  Versatility and style are very important along with a solid foundation in ballet and a combination of different genres to enhance their performance ability.  

These dancer's start in our "Studio Dancer" program!!!  This is our recreational/performance dance program classes.  These classes are designed for fun, learning the fundamentals, and starting a foundation in movement!  We recommend each dancer start in these classes and work their way as they become more inspired by movement and music.